Bigfoot Sightings in Canada

Bigfoot Snowshoes isn’t your average snowshoe retailer.

The company, which is located in Waterloo, Ontario, bills itself as a “budget-conscious” supplier of snowshoes and sundry other winter gear.

Even their introduction to “snow business” was quite atypical.

Bigfoot Snowshoes is operated through “Wesellit Ltd.”, a distribution company that markets and sells a wide variety of products.

“We started by selling off rental snowshoes for a local business about five years ago,” spokesperson Barry Triller said. “We were a big seller on eBay, so we helped them clear out their used stock.”

“From that start, we realized that snowshoeing was a sport that was growing in popularity,” he continued. “So, our next step was becoming a dealer for three different popular brands.”

Triller said that also led Wesellit to start looking for a more economical way of supplying the equipment as well. While snowshoeing might be one of the lower-cost winter sports to pursue, the company’s marketing savvy was concerned about the price point in a fragile economy.

“We quickly discovered that the cost for a family of four was too high,” he said. “Spending $600 to $900 for four pairs of snowshoes just was out of the range for many families.”

In response, the company decided to think “outside the box.”

“We decided to import our own snowshoes from China in December of 2007. We quickly sold out of them as they were very fairly priced – most pairs are under $100 and include a carry-bag.”

After some experimentation, the company settled on the Bigfoot brand and ran with the concept from there.

“We decided on the Bigfoot brand, built a web site ( and ordered them by the container load. It is now a very large and growing part of overall business,” Triller said.

The shoes continue to be manufactured in China and “we keep making upgrades to the design,” Triller said.

Bigfoot snowshoes are typical of the newer “high-tech” style of shoe with aluminum frames and polymer webbing.

He explained there are five main reasons why people buy the line.

* Easy on/off bindings, ratchet and squeeze & release
* Lots of crampons to avoid slipping
* Flexible pivot system
* Family-friendly pricing
* Full range of sizes and fun accessories (toques, LED head-lamps, poles, bags)

“We provide a great product for families and individuals who want to snowshoe several times every winter and don’t want to pay high prices for the activity,” Triller sad. “We always offer a free carry-bag for every pair and we do specials on poles and accessories. We are truly the family-friendly pricing and choices snowshoe store.”

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