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Stay Warm and Dry On the Move with the Lightweight Lifaloft Insulator Jacket by Helly Hansen

Call me seriously impressed with a new offering by Helly Hansen.

For about the last month, I’ve been trying out the Lifaloft Insulator Jacket, and it’s been a bit of a revelation.

This jacket is amazingly light and thin, … Continue reading

Helly Hansen V3 Slipon Boots: A Great Option for Light Recreational Snowshoeing

Helly Hansen has not “slipped” at all with its Garibaldi V3 Slipon boots.

These lightweight slip-on boots are some of the handiest, most comfortable footwear you can find for a variety of purposes.

I’ve been intrigued in recent years with … Continue reading

Best of Base and Midlayers: Helly Hansen Review

Helly Hansen has done it again, offering some of the best base and midlayer apparel I’ve tried.

Midlayer- Ullr Jacket

It’s Ullr Midlayer Jacket, a mid-layer zip-up jacket with a hood, is a spectacular addition to mid-layers ideal for … Continue reading

Helly Hansen Odin Veor Review

Helly Hansen has come up with a cool new way to stay warm and comfortable while snowshoeing and winter hiking. The Odin Veor down jacket might be one of the best jackets available today for active outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a … Continue reading

Faber S-line Snowshoes Review

Faber Snowshoes deserve a large round of applause for an innovative re-invention of the snowshoe. The company’s S-series is simply a pleasure to use. It’s a sliding snowshoe that shows the evolution towards skis that’s going to appeal to many … Continue reading

Helly Hansen Icefall Jacket

The Helly Hansen Icefall down jacket is one well-designed coat, but it might not be quite what it seems. Most people think of a down jacket as synonymous with a great deal of warmth, and that’s something the Icefall delivers … Continue reading

Icebreaker Stratus Jacket Review

Icebreaker wasn’t exactly wool-gathering when some smart design person conceived the new Stratus long-sleeved hooded jacket.With a few tweaks, this coat could become an ideal equipment addition to any snowshoer’s or cold-weather hiker’s list of must-have items.
The jacket, which … Continue reading

Wine and Snowshoes in Ontario

Snowshoe Magazine

Do you want some wine with that snowshoe? If that appeals to you, a local micro-winery in Southern Ontario is doing its thing to create a unique “apres-snowshoe” experience.

The Coffin Ridge Winery is located about two-and-a-half hours north of … Continue reading

Refrigiwear Puffer Jacket and Hood Base Layer Review

It’s not often that a company downplays its products, but Refrigiwear is the exception to that rule. I’ve been testing out its horizontal puffer jacket and hooded base layer pullover, and they’ve been impressive so far.

The jacket is a … Continue reading

Outdoor Research Floodlight jacket review

The new Outdoor Research Floodlight jacket just might be my current favorite piece of winter attire.
The down-filled jacket has a rating of 800+ fill power (goose down) is also fully waterproof. That makes it akin to one of the … Continue reading

Gear Review: Helly Hansen – Dry Charger Windblock 1/2 Zip Shirt, Charger Windblock Tights and a Challenger Jacket

You know you’re on to a good product line when you go and purchase more after testing some free stuff.

That was the case when I had the chance to try out some Helly Hansen items over the last six … Continue reading

Gear Review: Coghlan’s Fire Disc

If you’re like me, someone who appreciates a fire but isn’t exactly a firebug when it comes to starting them, you’re likely to enjoy the Coghlan‘s Fire Disc.

It’s a cunning little bit of wizardry that combines sawdust and … Continue reading

Gear Review: The Faber North Cliff Snowshoes

It looks like Faber Snowshoes may have a hit on its hands with the new North Cliff snowshoe model.

“The North Cliff snowshoe was created with idea of offering an affordable and easy to use day hiking snowshoe for mountainous … Continue reading

Outperforming the Competition: KEEN Boots Tested in the Arctic

Outperforming the Competition: KEEN Boots Tested in the Arctic

Sometimes – perhaps oftentimes – nothing beats a KEEN.

That’s certainly the case with the new KEEN Summit County III boot. Last year, I gave the Summit County II boot a … Continue reading

Gear Review: MSR Deploy TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles

When you’re in the sticks, it’s best to have a reliable pair with you.

I’ve been testing out a pair of MSR Deploy TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles for a few months now, and I am convinced they’re among the best … Continue reading

Gear Review: GV Wide Trail Snowshoes

It’s taken some searching, but I think I’ve finally found the solution to breaking a snowshoe trail in the bottomless powder of the Northwest Territories.

After one winter here, I discovered I needed something distinctly different – and much, much … Continue reading

Gear Review: SnowLizard SLXTREME 5 Case for the iPhone5

Winter weather is brutal on any smartphone, but it looks like SnowLizard might have the answer to your troubles: the SLXTREME 5 case for the iPhone 5.

I know I had enough trouble keeping my iPhone out of trouble when … Continue reading

Gear Review: BearTek Gloves

You have to be a rather confident marketer to use the slogan “every other glove is obsolete.”

Nonetheless, that’s what BearTek promises with its gloves and it makes a good case, especially if you like to have your tunes running … Continue reading

Gear Review: NOAA Snow Forecast App for iPhone and Android

The phrase “there’s an app for that” has become far more interesting with the NOAA Snow Forecast app for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

It’s a “simple yet powerful app that tells you how much it’s going to snow in … Continue reading

Gear Review: Ausangate Boot Socks

If your feet are the gateway to an enjoyable outdoor adventure, these socks could be your Ausangate-way to comfort. And its Ausangate’s line of boot socks that provide all the comfort and protection from the cold that any snowshoer is … Continue reading

Gear Review: Guideline Eyegear Wake Sunglasses

I’m not sure if it’s possible or a recognized disorder to be a sunglasses connoisseur, but if there is such a thing, sign me up for some rehab.

My wife has grumbled for the last 10 years about my sunglasses … Continue reading

Gear Review: Gordini Swagger Gloves

When it comes to my gloves in sub-Arctic weather, I think I have reason to be at least a little fussy.

When I was offered a pair of Gordini’s Swagger gloves with their Windstopper technology a few months ago, I … Continue reading

Gear Review: Kamik Champlain Boots

Say what you want about winter footwear, convenience and comfort is where it’s at.

I’ve been trying out a pair of Kamik Champlain boots for about three months now, and I have no reluctance to say almost anyone who spends … Continue reading

Gear Review: MacWet Gloves

These are some gloves with grip… and with great customer service, too.

I’ve been testing out some Climatec MacWet gloves from the United Kingdom for several months now, and for the most part, I am impressed.

The company is well-known … Continue reading

Gear Review: Canada Goose, Canada Tested

You know all those stories you hear about Canada Goose and their products? Believe them.

I’ve had the chance to try out some “Goose” stuff this fall, including a Lodge Vest and a Hybridge Hoody… and all I can say … Continue reading

MobileLite Wireless for the Mobile Snowshoer

If you’re addicted to your smart phone to the point where it needs to be surgically removed, even while snowshoeing in the back 40, you’re going to love the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

The company may be most familiar as a … Continue reading

Energize like a PROBAR

A lot of people and companies boast about packing meals into a bar. PROBAR might be the one that best delivers on that promise.

The company offers a variety of bars, likely enough to suit anyone’s palate.

“Looking for a … Continue reading

Pocketmonkey Saves the Day!

“I want one” is more than a motto for the new Pocketmonkey tool by Zootility tools. It’s a promise.

All you need to do is look at the website to figure out that no-brainer, much less actually trying one. Just … Continue reading

If the Sock FITS…

Something has been afoot in Tennessee for more than a century. That begs the question as to how the Crescent Sock Co. or FITS, has flown under the radar of the outdoors industry to the extent it has.

“Knitting socks … Continue reading

The KEEN CNX Footwear Lineup

Hot on the heels of the barefoot and minimalist walking and running movement comes the KEEN CNX shoe line.

Let me admit, first, that I have a certain skepticism when it comes to this fad. I can’t help but … Continue reading

Osprey Manta 28 – The Hydration Pack, the Cargo Pack, the Practical Pack

The Osprey Manta 28 hydration pack is making a strong bid to head straight to the top of my list of favorite packs.

I’ve been using the pack all summer and fall both for general cargo and as a hydration … Continue reading

A Tale of Two KEEN Boots: The Oregon PCT and the Verdi Mid WP

Talk about a tale of two boots.

I’ve been experimenting with two different KEEN hiking boots over the summer here in Canada’s Northwest Territories with pleasant, albeit, different results.

First up is the KEEN Oregon PCT boots. These big bruisers … Continue reading

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes Review

When Lightning hits the snow of the frozen North, something’s got to give.

I’ve had a chance to try out the MSR Lightning Ascent 30-inch snowshoes in the far northwest corner of Canada’s Northwest Territories this winter. It’s a case … Continue reading

A Balaclava for the Arctic of Arctics

The ColdAvenger isn’t perfect, but by God it’s a big help when the temperature plunges past the -30C mark.

I had a chance to use the ColdAvenger Balaclava combo extensively this winter while spending time in Canada’s Arctic Circle. Since … Continue reading

A Cold-Weather Boot Bout: KEEN vs. Kamik (and some Sorel, too.)

By sheer accident, KEEN and Kamik sent some of their boots to the right place for some serious cold-weather testing.

When KEEN sent me a pair of their Summit County II boots around the same time as Kamik sent a … Continue reading

Gear Review: Bottle Bright (Cleans Water Bottles, Travel Mugs and Other Hard-To-Clean Drinking Vessels)

Any list of the most irritating things in life has to include trying to wash out your favorite water bottle when it starts to get stinky – and they all do, sooner or later.

My favorite trick has been to … Continue reading

Gear Review: Light and Motion Solite 150/250

It’s time to shed a little light on the subject of illuminating your way in the great outdoors. Or in the case of the Solite 250, we can call that a lot of light.

The Solite series is made by … Continue reading

Gear Review: Hi-Tec Wind River Jacket

It’s no stretch to say the Hi-tech Wind River Jacket is a near-perfect combination of comfort, practicality and style.

The jacket is a winning combination of softshell and fleece. That makes it (1) warm (2) comfortable and (3) practical. That’s … Continue reading

Gear Review: Hi-Tec Napier Ridge Parka

In a world where everyone living in a cold-weather climate tends to lust after a Canada Goose parka as the epitome of winter comfort, it’s good to see there’s still room for other options and a little individuality.

That’s where … Continue reading

Gear Review: The Trapper Hat by Screamer

A good winter hat should be at least treasured, and these just might turn you into a Screamer.

Hats, I have to admit, are a source of eternal frustration to me in the winter. I like my ears covered, and … Continue reading

Gear Review: Osprey Meridian Daypack

It’s luggage, it’s a backpack, and it does a better-than-fair job at both.

That’s the quick take on the Osprey Meridian 28-inch luggage system that includes a detachable daypack and a smartly designed soft-sided suitcase that converts from wheeled luggage … Continue reading

Gear Review – Tubbs FLEX ESC Snowshoes

The Tubbs Snowshoes is showing its “Flex-ibility” off to good advantage with a new line of snowshoes.

The Flex line of molded plastic/polypropylene shoes caught my eye at the recent Nordic Fest at Southern Ontario’s Scenic Caves Nordic Centre recently. … Continue reading

Icebreaker Quest Long-Sleeve Neck-Zip Shirt: Merino Wool at its Best

The Icebreaker Quest Long-sleeve Neck-zip shirt has pulled the wool over my eyes and I like it.

Icebreaker, of course, is renowned for its innovative work with Merino wool apparel. I was a little apprehensive about trying its line-up of … Continue reading

There’s No Room for Cold Feet with Kamik

There’s no room for cold feet when you’re growing a family business like Kamik.

The Canadian boot-building juggernaut has been in business for a century now, in one form or another. Best known for its line of rugged and durable … Continue reading

Gear Review: KEEN Whisper Sandals for Women

You know what the worst thing about writing product reviews is? Here’s a hint, it’s a spouse who grumbles “why can’t you get me something?”

That’s how I wound up arranging for a trial pair of KEEN’s new Whisper sandals … Continue reading

Gear Review: Innate Athletic Viam Water Bottles

If I had to design a perfect multi-purpose water bottle, it might well come out looking something rather like the new Innate Athletic Viam Water Bottles.

I’ve been using one of the polypropolene (yes, the same stuff as thermal underwear … Continue reading

Close Encounters of the Grizzly Kind

“If you’re going to stay here, you’d better start making some noise,” the guide said as the irate young male grizzly stalked toward us.

The bear, estimated at around 500-600 pounds, had just been slapped around by a smaller female … Continue reading

Gear Review: Solite 150

The Solite 150 multi-purpose light is an outdoor enthusiast’s multi-tasking dream.

The Solite is a headlamp, miner’s light, helmet-light and a bicycle headlight all rolled together in one tiny and extremely impressive package.

I’ve been testing the light now for … Continue reading

Met Con Blue Deux to Return to Ontario

It’s back.

“After an overwhelming response from the inaugural Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race, we’re thrilled to announce that Met Con Blue will be returning to the hills on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012,” said Met Con Blue spokesperson Jen … Continue reading

Gros Morne National Park: A Canadian Jewel and Newfoundland Sanctuary

I heard the couple from Alberta grumbling about the Green Garden Trail a minute or two before I saw them.

“This is kind of rough going, isn’t it,” the man was saying to his significant other.

The woman agreed, but … Continue reading

Gear Review: SteriPEN Adventurer Opti

I have the seen the light when it comes to water purification. The light from a SteriPEN Adventurer Opti, that is.

The Adventurer Opti is a highly portable ultraviolet water purification system from the big brains at SteriPEN. I was … Continue reading

Gear Review: KEEN Turia Sandals

KEEN’s new Turia sandals are, simply, the best sandals I’ve ever worn.

The Turias are KEEN’s latest version of their multi-purpose, go-anywhere and do-anything footwear that’s made them iconic in the industry – and they live up to the tradition.… Continue reading

Ontario’s Georgian Triangle Runners Focus on Changing the Face of Endurance Sports

A new group in this small town in Southern Ontario will be hitting the ground running.

The Georgian Triangle Runners is looking to change the face of endurance sports in the south end of Georgian Bay one foot at a … Continue reading

The Inaugural Met Con Blue a Blazing Success

This was a race that left many people singing the Blues.

The first Met Con Blue Adventure Race was held last weekend in Ontario’s Blue Mountains with more than 1,000 participants.

The event was billed as the “most insane five … Continue reading

Paddling Along Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula

With recreational kayaking booming in popularity, it’s no surprise the water of Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula is attracting paddlers from all over. There’s something about the deep, cold waters of Georgian Bay hemmed in by the eternally-brooding cliffs of the Niagara … Continue reading

Celebrating the Birth of a New Footbridge in the Blue Mountains

Here representatives of the club and the regiment pose on the bridge, which was completed last fall.

In Ontario’s Beaver Valley, there’s more than one way to get the boot along the Bruce Trail.

Dozens of people gathered on May 27 Southern Ontario’s Kolapore Uplands in The Blue Mountains to celebrate the opening of a new footbridge … Continue reading

Ambling in the KEEN Ambler Hiking Shoes

I swear I’m starting to turn into a KEENer.

The company has struck gold again with another winning entry into the ongoing “foot-stakes” war of attrition for that coveted outdoors crown, the Ambler light hiking shoe.

The Ambler is the … Continue reading

Met Con Blue Adventure Race

What’s being billed as the “most insane five kilometre mountain adventure race on the planet” is about to hit you out of the wild blue yonder.

The first Met Con Blue race will be held Saturday, June 2 in Ontario’s … Continue reading

Gear Review: KEEN Gorge Boots

This is a tale of two feet – KEEN style.

For quite a few years, I’ve been looking for the perfect – or at least tolerable – paddle boot.

Ontario’s Georgian Bay and its surrounding waterways are where I do … Continue reading

Gear Review: Lifefactory Water Bottles

There’s no need to water down the rave reviews of the new offering from Lifefactory.

When the company offered me a chance to try out their new reusable toxin-free glass water bottles I jumped at the chance. While adequate hydration … Continue reading

Gear Review: Dahlgren Socks

Something’s afoot at Dahlgren’s, and the plot (and socks) are thickening.

The American-based company has become a master of wool-gathering, and your feet will thank you for it.

I’ve been testing out two pairs of the socks, a winter heavyweight … Continue reading

Bigfoot Sightings in Canada

Bigfoot Snowshoes isn’t your average snowshoe retailer.

The company, which is located in Waterloo, Ontario, bills itself as a “budget-conscious” supplier of snowshoes and sundry other winter gear.

Even their introduction to “snow business” was quite atypical.

Bigfoot Snowshoes is … Continue reading

Gear Review: Polarmax Base Layers

When it comes to staying comfortable out on the trail, my objective is likely a little different than many people’s. I need to play it cool, rather than keep it warm, and I had some success during a recent trial … Continue reading

Trevor Thom Wins Ontario’s Switchback Snowshoe Race

Chalk another win up for Toronto’s Trevor Thom.

For the second time in two weeks, the veteran racer let his feet do the talking for him at a snowshoe race in Ontario’s Blue Mountains.

This time Thom took the top … Continue reading

“Stop the Quarry” Snowshoe Fundraiser: March 11 in Collingwood, Ontario

What happens when you mix a little politics with snowshoeing? Hopefully, you raise enough money to need a huge traditional snowshoe to carry.

Grey Matters, an Ontario charitable organization, is sponsoring a “Stop the Quarry” snowshoe fundraiser Mar. 11 just … Continue reading

The Yeti Descends on Ontario’s Blue Mountains

Don’t panic if there were any Bigfoot sightings in the Blue Mountains Saturday. The Yeti was in town, leaving some big steps to follow in the snow.

On Saturday, Collingwood Scenic Caves Nature Adventures hosted Ontario’s first Yeti Snowshoe race … Continue reading

A Romp to Stomp in the Blue Mountains

The snow turned pink Saturday as an avalanche of snowshoers turned out the Tubbs Romp to Stomp event in Ontario.

Held at the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure resort, more than 400 garishly-garbed people toting snowshoes came out to play in … Continue reading

Gear Review: Marquette Backcountry Skis

Sometimes a blast from the past contains the germ of a good idea. If so, the Marquette Backcountry Skis retro approach to a hybrid between skis and snowshoes is poised to take root.

The skis were developed to tackle the … Continue reading

Ontario’s Blue Mountain to Experience The Yeti

On Feb. 4, there will be a new King of the Mountain, but hopefully he or she won’t be too abominable.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures just outside of Collingwood, Ontario is hosting the Yeti, which is billed as “Canada’s first … Continue reading

The 6th Annual Snowshoe Raid: Navigating Ontario’s Blue Mountains

Come January, hundreds of snowshoers will head into the wild Blue yonder.

The 6th annual Snowshoe Raid – a mix of galumphing and orienteering – is on tap for Jan. 22 in Southern Ontario’s Blue Mountains.

“I wanted to start … Continue reading

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures in Southern Ontario

If you’re looking to enjoy cold feet in Southern Ontario, head for the hills and the Nordic Centre at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.

“We have 22 kilometres of cross-country ski trails and eight kilometres of snowshoe trails,” spokesperson Linda Service … Continue reading

Ontario’s Highlands Nordic Resort is realizing the (snow)shoe might be on the other foot

This winter, the shoe could be on the other foot at Southern Ontario’s Highlands Nordic resort. The snowshoe, that is.

The facility, located just south of the heart of Southern Ontario’s Blue Mountains and its famous downhill skiing, is perched … Continue reading

Flowerpot Island

Snowshoe Magazine
For an insignificant fly-spot speck of land in an inland sea, Flowerpot Island in Ontario's Georgian Bay looms large on the horizon.Its twin namesakes scowl on the sun-drenched eastern shore, dominating the tiny peak of the Niagara Escarpment which barely clears the icy waters of the bay.The island is part of Fathom Five National Marine Heritage Area, one of Canada's first marine parks.Despite its...

Paddling in the Shadow of Southern Ontario’s Blue Mountains

Paddling in the shadow of Southern Ontario's Blue Mountains can leave a kayaker caught between a rock and a hard place.

Adventure Racing at The Bruce in Ontario

Come August, a host of people on Ontario's Bruce Peninsula will be striving to become one with nature.

Blue Mountain Majesty

When you're tired of hitting the white in your snowshoes or skis, Blue Mountain Resort has just the thing to let you coast for a while.

The SideStix Sports Crutch Opens Snow Fields of Possibility

Sarah Doherty is looking to “stick” it to the notion that being physically challenged is a barrier to doing whatever she wants.

Georgian Triangle Snowshoers

You know that old story about walking in four feet of snow and going uphill both ways? The Georgian Triangle Snowshoers sure do.

Boot Blog: Men’s Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat

Snowshoe Magazine
Overall, these Columbia boots performed beyond my expectations. They remain toasty warm, are incredibly light and offer great traction.I first tested them out back in late November at the Owen Sound Santa Claus Parade. The temperature hovered just below the freezing mark, although there was little or no snow on the ground. After standing around for 45 minutes with my wife and my two-year-old nephe...