The NOW Energy Bar Wins “Best of Snow” Award from Snowshoe Magazine

I’ve seen quite a few awards tossed around post-Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. So, I thought I’d ride that bus and give my “Best of Snow” award for my favorite product/brand from the New Exhibitor Pavilion at the show: the NOW Energy Bar.

Of course, the Best of Snow award will be more appropriate during the Winter Market show (and more plentiful), but I think its debut as a singular award fits the introduction. While I enjoyed several products from a ton of reputable brands (read my wrap-up of the OR show), my new discovery was the NOW Energy Bar.  I was impressed, to say the least: all-around great taste, tons of energy, and recipes that are indulgently delicious.

NOW stands for “No Opportunity Wasted.” Very appropriate. I wasted no opportunity tasting every free sample they had on their trade show booth table: Peanut and Caramel energy bar, Honeycomb with Chia and Raisins energy bar, Manuka Honey newton, Strawberry newton, and White Chocolate, Fruit and Nut energy bar.

My favorite? The White Chocolate, Fruit and Nut was by far the best in the NOW lineup.

What makes them so great? The NOW energy bars are gluten free, chock-full of protein (11 grams), and made with all natural ingredients. Even better, each bar features a photo of Phil Keoghan—host of The Amazing Race—free of charge.  Bonus!

What makes the NOW energy bar different? Well, compared to everything else on the market, not much. Unwrapped, the bars look like… well… an energy bar: nuts, fruits, grains, and gooey goodness. Once you taste a NOW bar, the difference suddenly hits you—each is made with New Zealand Manuka Honey. They’re tasty. No doubt.

According to the NOW website: “Packed with antioxidants and 100% natural, this amazing high-potency honey contains a spectrum of benefits perfect for helping any athlete power through an adventure. Harvested from bees gathering nectar from the Manuka bush, MANUKA HONEY has been shown to provide an array of health advantages far exceeding that of ordinary honey.”

For instance, MANUKA HONEY provides immune boosting power, possesses anti-inflammatory properties and contains an antibacterial potency 10 to 50 times more powerful than regular honey.”

In addition, the bars don’t melt if kept in your pocket for an extended period of time. They tend to keep their consistency, which means they won’t get too chewy if they’re cold. After a couple samples, the energy bars provided sufficient energy to continue on foot throughout the day on the trade show floor.

NOW also provides Fig Newton-like bars that have honey and fruit fillings. These are perfect for the cold weather, considering they won’t get too chewy because their consistency is far different than the honey-based bars.

Overall, I think NOW has potential to do great things in the snowshoeing community. Once winter hits, I can’t wait to get my hands on some bars and newtons for the trails.

In the meantime, congratulations to NOW Energy Bar for winning the inaugural Best of Snow award at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market—courtesy of Snowshoe Magazine.

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