Pair the KEEN Revel With the KEEN Olympus Sock

KEEN Revel

Although the snowshoe season is still going strong, I’ve given myself a few months to properly test and review the KEEN Revel Winter Hiking Boot.  They still look and feel brand new after months of wear and abuse.

I have owned too many different brands of snowshoe/hiking boots to list and I can honestly say that none of them can compare to the comfort level of the KEEN Revel. It’s like wearing cushions that mold and form perfectly to your foot while trapping warm air inside with a unique charcoal bamboo warming material. In technical terms, it’s the warm Trapolater underfoot insulation system and ice-traction outsole that really give the boot a five-star performance rating in warmth, traction and breathability.

Having trekked through all kinds of different snow conditions here in the Vancouver area – there was never a moment when the boot was damp or moist thanks to KEEN.DRY technology. The KEEN Revel is a winner as far as I’m concerned in keeping the elements where they belong – out of my boots! The beauty is not only in the comfort and style of the boot (The Gargoyle Azure Blue is a beautiful colour choice), but KEEN has established such a remarkable membrane that actually does the job it was made to do…keep feet dry and adventurers keen to snowshoe on! The upper boot is made with a waterproof nubuck and the footbed is made with wool felt so you know you can count on flexibility and warmth.

Another thing I love about the fit is the shape is the boot toe design. It almost squares off at the toe which at first has a different feel, the outsoles wrap up and over the toe and feet become one with the boot. I wasn’t sure if the Revel was designed this way just for looks, but as it turns out, function IS the name of the game.

And lest I not forget to mention how well the snowshoe fits into a snowshoe binding system. I’ve worn my KEEN Revel boots in both a racing snowshoe and a recreational snowshoe and find them both great. Nothing annoys me more than having to adjust straps and bindings mid-trail.  The KEEN Revel is truly worthy of its ‘Keenness’…no adjustments needed.


I highly suggest pairing the KEEN Revel with the KEEN Olympus sock for many reasons.  Forone, sock technology has come a long way.  The Olympus was designed with durability, comfort and warmth in mind.  I love the moisture wicking, no itch merino wool because it does just that – keeps feet dry and itch free in order to trek on and on and on.  Since KEEN has comfort nailed down to a T – it’s no surprise the socks are parallel in quality.   Lightweight with no bunching, great for snowshoeing and hiking, they are a perfect match with the Revel.

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