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Here it comes, the Big Bang in athletic clothing and innovation; and you thought it all stopped when UnderArmour created a new shirt in the 1990s. Hang on!

Running so fast, those shoes will burn! (From the movie "Hunger Games"

Running so fast, those shoes will burn! (From the movie “Hunger Games”)

One of the world’s best design firms for fitness, outdoor, golf and the performance segment—RocketFish Designs—says lightweight and imbedded technology are coming in a big way.  President TJ Gray said, “Technology offers recreational and élite athletes the information they need to progress in their workouts. These products have created demand for performance driven-products designed to meet the needs of runners across all categories.

Minimalist HeartRate Monitor! "Sensing technology knit directly into the fabric for accurate, comfortable, non-slip performance"

Minimalist HeartRate Monitor! “Sensing technology knit directly into the fabric for accurate, comfortable, non-slip performance”

The challenge this creates is producing customizable products for the specific needs of individual users.” Their work leads the performance sports landscape, and naturally enough, they too are athletes, giving them “a unique understanding of the products (we) design.”

Here are highlights of their 2015 Running Design Trends:

Seamless construction combined with high-tech monitoring equipment tracking: “Amplifies the body’s natural ability while tracking your every move”

Your future is in her hands

Your future is in her hands

In other words, if you fall in the woods, your clothes will hear.

Example brand: NuMetrex “The Adidas MiCoach app pushes the boundaries of technological advancements to improve all aspects of performance, both in-game and in training.”

Footwear features progression and performance:

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all.

“The marathoner, the ultra-runner, the beginner—each individual athlete will require several different pairs of shoes for the intensity of their training,” explains Gray.

"OO" is how they feel; OOFOS is who makes them

“OO” is how they feel; OOFOS is who makes them

Cushioning will take center stage for protection from elements for “certain aspects of training” with 37 percent more impact absorption. Sounds perfect for those rocky 100-mile races.

Look for “recovery footwear” as a new buzzword.

Example brand: “OOFOS, leaders in the recovery footwear category, have slowly been introducing sport-specific platforms to grow this market,” or as you say, “Feel the OO”

“As we look to minimize the risk of injury in athletes,” Gray said, “The importance of recovery has become increasingly important.  The influence of health and wellness helped bring the recovery market to life.”

And . . . where DID 2014 go?

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