Silver Star Resort: The BC Champagne Powder Sampler

The next stop on the magical, mystical BC champagne powder sampler is Silver Star Resort. Think Candyland meets Santa’s Workshop. Silver Star shines like a diamond among BC’s epic ski resorts. Famous for its cheery ambiance and movie set … Continue reading

24/604 – Fit and Fun – Mount Seymour Snowshoeing

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Agassiz, the Fraser Valley’s Rural Hideaway

The corn capital of British Columbia, Agassiz lies just 35km southwest of Hope, on the north bank of the Fraser River. A quaint and immensely peaceful agricultural community, it grew from a humble homestead owned by Lewis Nunn Agassiz, a … Continue reading

North America’s Top 10 Snowshoe-friendly Ski Resorts

Snowshoeing is known as the world’s fastest-growing winter sport. Last season, despite dismal snow conditions, North America’s ski resorts saw an increase in snowshoer participation. Families and couples choose to snowshoe rather than ski or snowboard; in some cases, resorts … Continue reading

Snowshoe with a Smile

We’ve all been hammered with the importance of hydration on the human body. Whether you’re an athlete, recreational outdoor enthusiast or a plain old human being existing on planet earth, we all share the survival instinct. Water keeps our bodies … Continue reading

Snowshoeing in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

The stunning Okanagan Valley lies in the southern half of British Columbia. Well known for the variety of its amazing scenery, the valley stretches from Sicamous to the U.S. border and is home to the Canadian portion of the Okanagan … Continue reading