Maine Guide Snowshoes: The Real Deal

snowshoes overlooking mountains

Companies with a real passion for their product can be hard to come by these days. However, recently, we connected with Maine Guide Snowshoes, and they are the real deal. Maine Guide Snowshoes not only has a passion for what … Continue reading

The Virtues of Wet Snow

Traditional snowshoes still have their place, and one of those places is in heavy, wet snow.

February Fillers – Wash, Organize, Sharpen and Revive

The malaise which infects the American public during the month of February is so strong that sports magazines attempt to gin up their sales with photos of underfed models. But surely there are more productive ways to while away … Continue reading

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes: Shapes, Designs, and Names

A rundown of snowshoe frame shapes and design features, and how they combine into conventionally named styles.