Getting Back on Track: Lyme Disease Recovery

It was a typical fall morning in 2011 when, on the last steep hill of my daily hike, I felt like I couldn’t possibly take another step without passing out. The sudden and intense onset of extreme exhaustion made me … Continue reading

Race Eau Claire’s 2015 USSSA Championship Venue November 1, 2014

Here is your BIG chance! Preview the grounds for the 2015 USSSA National Championships months before the big event. Sign-up for the Fall Back Blast!

Raced at the Lowes Creek County Park, Eau Claire, Wis., the Blast will include three … Continue reading

No. 6 Snowshoe-friendly Ski Resort: Sun Valley Resort, Idaho

Welcome to Sun Valley Resort—the American Shangri-La. A permanently happy mountain town paradise isolated from the outside world in Ketchum, Idaho. Easily accessible from any major city, you can even catch a direct flight from Seattle or L.A. straight into … Continue reading